Employees and self-employed persons who have lost their jobs and income as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, particularly but not solely, the tourism sector will receive $150 every two weeks for a 12 week period.

Individuals who can benefit from the Covid-19 Unemployment Relief Program include:

  1. Tour guides
  2. Office Staff
  3. Cleaners/Janitors/Room Attendants
  4. Kitchen and Dining Room Staff
  5. Bus/Van Drivers
  6. Store clerks
  7. Mechanics
  8. Construction workers connected to tourism related projects
  9. Border point and free zone workers

Independent operators such as:

  1. Freelance guides
  2. Vendors
  3. Hair braiders
  4. Entertainers
  5. Fishermen
  6. Taxi operators
  7. Border point and free zone workers
  8. Others which may be added

Excluded Persons

  1. Persons under 18 years of age
  2. Persons receiving benefits from other government or social security programs – no double dipping


The temporary Relief payments will be made every two weeks for a period of 12 weeks, unless the person becomes employed before the expiration of such period, at which time the payment would stop.


Payment will be made by The National Bank of Belize on behalf of Government directly into the bank account of the beneficiary or via a prepaid (or other prefunded) card that can be topped up.


Messages were initially sent out to applicants who were successful. Now you are able to check the status of your application by using the Application Status Check function on this page. (link to the app here). You submit your SSN and an optional Phone Number and the status of your application will be displayed to you.

After submitting my Social Security Number and/or phone number, what does it mean?

  1. "Your funds have been successfully deposited to a prepaid card. It will be available for pick up at the ________________ Ministry of Labour Office in the next 3 working days. You will be notified when it is ready for pickup. Please bring identification, such as your Social Security card, with you.OK"
    This message means that payment has been successfully deposited to your Heritage Bank Prepaid Card. Kindly contact any of the numbers in the text to confirm the status of the application.

  2. "Payment has been successfully deposited into the bank account provided at registration."
    This message means a payment has been made to the account you provided at registration.

  3. "Your application was approved! You will receive another message when the payment is made."
    This message means your application has been approved. Kindly check your status at a later date. You will be notified via a different message regarding payment.

  4. "Your application is in the queue for processing"
    This message means your application has been submitted and is under review.

  5. "Your application has been received and has been excluded because of one of the following reasons: 1. BOOST recipient, 2. Pension recipient, 3. You applied as long term unemployed in Phase 1, 4. You are below the age of 18, OR, 5. Your name appears in SSB records as a deceased person. If you are not in any of these categories, please send an email with updated information to unemployment@covid19.bz so your application can be reviewed."
    This message means your application has been excluded for the reasons displayed.

  6. "Your application was approved but payment was rejected by your bank or credit union. You should receive an SMS, at the number you provided on your application, requesting you to send corrected banking information to: corrected.unemployment@covid19.bz. Please follow the instructions given as soon as possible so you can be successfully paid."
    This message means your application has been approved but payment could not be made due to incorrect banking information. Kindly send corrected banking information to: corrected.unemployment@covid19.bz.